The following is a list of challenges on Total Drama.

Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island challenges
Episode Challenge Veto Challenge
Hot Tub of Betrays Jump off a one thousand-foot cliff into a shark-infested lake; Pull crates back to camp (winning team gets carts); Build a hot tub from material found in the crates. A wheel spinning
Sleep-Over the Camp Stay awake the longest in the "Awake-A-Thon" after running twenty-kilometers and eating a huge meal. Find the Veto Idol in the forest
Ball Aboard A best-of-five dodgeball game. Find the competitor's hair color
Talent-Show Bogus A three-on-three talent show contest. Musical Chairs gameplay
It's Izzy! Go into the forest, stay out there overnight, then race back to the campgrounds in the morning. Hide for Izzy
B*tchen Games Create a three-course meal for Chris to judge.
Phobia Fun Face your worst fear, specific to each camper.
Catch Me, Dear! Hunt the other team dressed as deers with paintball guns, or if one is a deer, avoid being hit by them.
Skulls Away, Wawanakwa Bay! Row a canoe to Boney Island, portage across the island, start a bonfire, and canoe back to camp.
Who Can You Trust? Participate in a set of three-out-of-five trust exercises.
Basic Basic Trains Make it through Chef's life-threatening and disgusting boot-camp challenges.
Cheaters by the Dozen Knock out the opposing team member.
Brunch of Disgustingness Eat a nine course meal of disgusting food made by Chef. Drink shot glasses of blended cockroaches.
Name of the Game Get through several rounds of torture, lasting at least ten seconds in each one.
This is the Mission Receive a clue to find a key hidden somewhere in the island to open a treasure chest containing a prize.
Hunt n' Hide Avoid getting sprayed by Chef's water gun in a game of hide and seek.
It's Tan-Time! Circle all Wawanakwa beach by swimming.
Dance-Tage! Watch a horror movie and then avoid being captured by a "psycho killer".
Animals Gone Wild! Catch the specific animal assigned by Chris and bring it back to the campground unharmed.
Play the Prey! Play tags. Anyone can tag anyone. Tame an Animal
Final Four, No More! Find your way back to camp after being left in the wild with limited supplies.
Sass-Quack-Wanakwa Survive a series of dares, given by the eliminated campers until someone drops out.
The Final Trio, and It's Over Climb a pole and retrieve a flag, walk across a board on top of shark-infested waters while carrying an eagle's egg, and run a race to cross the finish line.
Finally the Finale! Find a case containing $1,000,000 and bring it to the Dock of Shame before anyone else does.
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