Template:Season Total Drama Island (formerly titled "Camp TV") is the first season of Total Drama.


Created as a parody of shows such as Total Drama,Survivor and Fear Factor, Total Drama Island focuses on twenty-two teenagers arriving to Camp Wawanakwa to compete on a reality television show. The contestants are divided into two teams and must compete in challenges every three days. While the winning team earns invincibility, the losing team has to vote off one of their own players. Whoever is voted off must walk the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers and leave the island. The teams eventually dissolve and the elimination process continues until the last contestant standing wins a grand prize of $100,000.



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Role Episode count
Owen 4/27 episodes
Gwen 4/27 episodes
Heather 4/27 episodes
Duncan 4/27 episodes
Chris 4/27 episodes
Chef Hatchet 4/27 episodes
Geoff 4/27 episodes
DJ 4/27 episodes
Lindsay 4/27 episodes
Bridgette 4/27 episodes
Trent 4/27 episodes
Izzy 4/27 episodes
Harold 4/27 episodes
Courtney 4/27 episodes
Sadie 4/27 episodes
Beth 4/27 episodes
Katie 4/27 episodes
Tyler 4/27 episodes
Noah 4/27 episodes
Eva 4/27 episodes
Ezekiel 4/27 episodes
Justin 4/27 episodes
Leshawna 3/27 episodes
Cody 2/27 episodes


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Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Cody Killer Bass 22nd Hot Tub of Betrays
Leshawna Killer Bass 21th Sleep-Over the Camp
Justin Screaming Gophers 20th Ball-Aboard


  • This is the first of three seasons to take place entirely at Camp Wawanakwa.

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